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economic engines of the world. >>onditi: when you go to import goods from japan, korea, china, you will find most of the china industries will be coming to lamu to put up the investment which will be easily accessible to the east african community and that is the biggest economic revolution that the country is going to get into. >>reporter: but environmental campaigners are concerned about the impact of the project especially on marine species living in these waters. the mangroves support crabs, prawns & lobsters that the local fishermenrely on and there is also scepticism that the central government have not been open about the plans. >>badi: it's only a very, very small clique in the cabinet of the kenyan government that knows actually about this mega port project we have now currently nicknaming this small clique as the small black box because the rest of the cabinet ministers don't even know what's happening. >>reporter: this apparent lack of transparency has angered local people, who fear their interests will be bulldozed aside. >>the indigenous people here have lived off the
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)